Hide your server on NetBios network

When we talk about sharing, we are talking about sharing resources on some network, and through Windows, this is done through the NetBios protocol or "SMB". One of the big problems is that Windows, by default, when activating any sharing service, the server is visible on the entire network, even if it tries to protect network resources with strong user names and passwords, a simple thing that few people know, and which is very useful for hiding servers and computers from strategic sectors of a company, is the function of hiding it from the network .

Hiding your precious Windows network server
Hiding the server, it continues to offer resources to the network, however, it is no longer listed in the "Network Neighborhood" or "My Network Places" folder. By placing the exact path in the address bar, you can access the resources of the server or computer normally, this only hides the icon in the standard network options.
Type the following command at the command prompt:


See what happens in the image below, and see how to change to hide the server:

Typing now:


Soon after, it will be shown that the command was successfully executed. By typing again without the "/ hidden: yes" option, see that the hide server service is active.
To display your network server again, use the command:


Then it becomes visible on the network again.

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