How to clean your phone?


Cleaning your cell phone to leave it with more space and even faster is essential. Formatting to the factory default can help, but it will make you lose tokens from associated banks on the device, however, it is a good option if you want something fast and don't mind having to reactivate the tokens quickly elsewhere.

But how do you clean your phone without formatting it so that you have to go to the nearest ATM and reactivate your tokens?

On your phone, see some options like in settings> Device support


This element can inform you about the general state of your device, and if it is out of space, you can also check it out quickly.


There is only 1.3 GB of space available in this example, out of a total of 64 GB. But what consumes more space in this case are the applications, with 20.9 GB and then the videos, with 11.9 GB.

That is, uninstalling non-essential applications can save you a lot of space, and saving your important videos on your personal computer can help you have more space available for new photos and videos of important moments. When clicking on apps, the least used apps will appear. Select all and remove them all at once.


I opened it on the computer and viewing the files is also important, since maybe not everything appears easily on the phone. Saving all the photos and videos from the camera to your computer is an important task, especially to avoid losing important information and incredible days if you lose your phone.

Only with the removal of some applications, it increased the free space to 2.3 GB.

Google offers to save photos and videos to Google Drive for free but reducing the quality of the photos and videos. In general, it has good quality to view later, but if you want to develop or print, it is best to always have the original.

See the files on your phone and transfer them to your computer, so you will gain space and speed.

But for what reason will you gain speed on the device? The moment your phone consumes all the RAM memory to open applications, it needs to pass part of this content to a memory saved on disk, called a "swap". The more free space there is, the more storage cells are available and this also increases the speed. The fewer cells are available, the performance degradation is greater, because it is easier to search thousands of free cells in various free spaces, than small cells scattered in places where they already have data.

The way in which data is written to flash chips, sometimes requires rewriting data in blocks, that is, if it is going to write thousands of small files, the controller is obliged to read other areas, and rewrite the entire block together . Therefore, saving new blocks without needing to rewrite the block is faster, and therefore, having at least 10% free space is essential for your cell phone to work better.

With the transfer of all camera files, the phone now has 8 GB of free space, but there is still 6.5 GB of video data. These files may have been downloaded, or even by some other application such as Telegram, WhatsApp, or even other applications.

It is worth remembering that videos and music downloaded from applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, or the like, are considered "Application" data since they transfer encrypted data that is used only by the application itself, and is useless for other applications.

They do this precisely to avoid copyright problems, as well as keeping statistics on how many times the user has watched, and which parts have watched the most. For these companies the statistics are worth more than their signature itself.

In the same folder where the "DCIM" media are located, there are also other directories that can be used by other applications, and can also have videos.

But what we see is that there are many WhatsApp videos, which are those animated gifs, such as:

There are so many images that occupy no more, no less than 3.29 GB, the same space as an HD in a 1999 computer with only "trash" videos.

Be careful not to delete the "Databases" folder, as there is all the history of WhatsApp messages in your account, and usually this file only stores texts in a way that only the WhatsApp application can interpret. It is this file that is also synchronized with the backup when this option is enabled.

Photos and videos are also backed up by default, and even if you delete the videos and photos, they can come back if you do the recovery.

There is no point in deleting the videos if they are included in the backup. Disable this option if you constantly receive "good morning" videos from friends.

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