What if Google ends?

As of July 1, 2021, Google will start accounting for data saved in your Google Account differently than it currently does, in line with industry practices, and may delete data from Gmail, Drive, Photos if the account be inactive for a long period (24 months) or outside space limits. Please note that the case refers to the condition that, even if you are using your Google Account frequently, every day, it can still be affected and your data may be removed.

Google informs that as of July 1, 2021, it will send emails informing of the new quota, and if it is above the corresponding amount, it may act to remove your data within 2 years, that is, until July 1, 2023.

The measures for now are not for Google Workspaces accounts, corporate versions, which will have separate measures.

If you want to know how your data is consuming on Google, check it out through the management link by clicking here.

Who sent photos and files until July 1st, will not be counted, but other information and files will start to charge for storage in a different way, that is, if you have already sent many photos using that low resolution, they will remain free forever, but if you ever resend, they may be charged for common storage.

Today, when writing this article, Google suffered an outage in its main services, such as Gmail, Google Search itself, and YouTube video services, and several channels released information that we are currently dependent on Google for almost everything what we do on the internet.

Google currently owns almost 45% of all internet traffic in the world (wow) and is, of course, the leading search and email site in the world.

In addition to being the main search engine, it also has the best service for companies, Google Workspaces (Formerly called Google G-Suite or Google Apps for Business). In this segment, several applications are ISO 27001 certified, which establishes strict standards for information security and against data leakage.

We have also recently seen reports from users who reported high data consumption on the internet, as well as here disclosing information that there is a worldwide attack occurring in accounts of paid instances just to increase the cost of traffic for small users. An obvious solution is to limit the download / upload speed of the instances, removing the maximum traffic for an unlimited plan, but what we see is that there are customers who suddenly see an invoice that, without due care, reach exorbitant amounts with the recent attacks that are currently happening.

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