Wi-fi always disconnecting on Android due to expired connection time?

This tutorial is specific to militarized wi-fi networks, where a network administrator needs to provide access to employees and still needs to maintain URL blocks.

However, Android is only connected for a few minutes and disconnects, not being stable.

The connection process on the wi-fi network is accompanied by the message: "The connection is mandatory", and when accessing the wi-fi network, immediately he opens the browser, and in the notification bar, the message "Check your Wi network -Fi ", looking like Android is in a hotspot wanting to open a web page to authenticate your connection.

Before authenticating, the message is displayed in the list of wi-fi networks:

This is common in networks where there is a hotspot, where authentication takes place in the browser.

By clicking on the item above, the browser opens immediately on the Google page or on the block page of your transparent (or not) proxy server.

After a few minutes, the connection is closed with the message: "This network has been disconnected. You need to sign-in again." or "This network has been disconnected. You need to login again.".

This is because the URL, which despite not having a website, is blocked in your proxy.

Release the URL for free access, and the Wi-Fi network will no longer be recognized as a hotspot.

Likewise, you could block the URL and create forms of authentication on Android, redirecting the denial page to a user's login page.

If even released or if the router does not have this configuration, then there is a technical problem with your network, such as connection failure and then automatically disconnects because it is an unstable connection.


  1. Olá. Recentemente meu celular Samsung Galaxy S Duos começou a apresentar esse mesmo problema. já fiz de tudo! Até o formatei mas não obtive êxito. Gostaria de saber como faço para liberar a URL para livre acesso...isso ficou meio vago na descrição acima. Desde Já agradeço.

  2. Isso msm, como resolve esse problema, dor de cabeça isso ocorre em 4 e 4 minutos

  3. também estou com este problema no s7