How to enable automatic login when starting a Weblogic server?

When you are developing a Java project that needs to be tested in an environment, or deploying some new solution on Weblogic, and when initializing it requires you to enter the username and password to continue loading, and you want it to start without requiring this user action , you can create a file called; thus, the credentials will be saved and ready for the next restart.

The file format is simple, just create a file with the following format:


The file name must necessarily be "", and it must be in the same folder as the AdminServer.

If there is no "security" folder, it will need to be created, so it would be at: AdminServer / security /

Notice now the images asking for the password when starting the weblogic:

And without asking for the password, retrieving from the properties file:

But is it safe to leave the administrator password inside the file? The answer is yes, because when you boot the server, it rewrites the file for an encrypted version based on AES encryption.

If you want the technical documentation in English, the link below with the details step by step.


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