How to work as a team in a world of micro services?

Working as a team is an essential task nowadays, where complex systems dominate the area of ​​technology in large companies, in which small teams are responsible for only part of the system as a whole, because on certain occasions, management and centralized administration of everything.

So teamwork, every day has been mandatory for large companies to actually reach their objects, and success stories with their customers, service provision, transparency of information for customers, shareholders, government, among other purposes.

Being ahead of competitors is also a key factor, and if the information technology team cannot evolve together, growing in a scalable way, there are big losses.

We recently see the case of Facebook, which currently has the largest social network in the world, but responsible for leaking confidential information from users to other companies, without the full consent of this information to its users.

And now, weeks after weeks, new security holes like arbitrarily storing user passwords without encryption and / or exposing this data to employees; or asking for the password of your email account to confirm your profile, leaving other options hidden in the link "Need help?", take the credibility of this company down by users.

The network, in turn, is in decline here in Brazil, where we see that fewer and fewer users access the network to perform other activities, as well as watch series on Netflix, or videos on Youtube, which continue to rise daily, however, if Brazilian internet service providers manage to implement the fixed internet franchise, these channels may also be affected.

Returning the focus of the teams, understanding working together is increasingly essential, being impossible to work alone; at most, an isolated performance, is reading manuals and documentation of integrations of the existing system, building and / or developing something isolated, such as a micro service.

Micro services are on the rise, as it requires little effort, being able to distribute this to several people at the same time, each responsible for a small part; and generally these services are all aimed at developing integration APIs (SOAP or REST); that after all, concentrate on a larger system; who may also have hundreds of other people.

Collecting evidence of test, performance, are essential for a successful project, defending its development, but having a spirit of unity between the teams seeking a final objective, which is the final focus of the project as a whole.

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