Synchronize a folder between multiple computers with SyncToy

This week, at my service, I had an interesting question. We have a computer that we use as a file server, however, my manager said that possibly, they will take one of our computers away, and so, I had to perform a backup of all files to another computer, however, there is every minute, there changes to files, and keeping this folder synchronized over the network (a total of 11 GB) manually, is practically impossible.

I thought about creating a type of virtual drive that has its files mirrored on several computers at the same time, but as I need to do this urgently, I found the solution through Microsoft SyncToy 2.0. This application keeps a copy automatically synchronized between folders on your computer, and the big advantage is that it supports drives and network folders, solving my problem quickly.

Weak point:
Despite solving the problem quickly, there is no way to share the same files with 3 or more folders on the network, that is, it only synchronizes two folders, and its automatic way is from time to time, or when you click the button to update , to start synchronization, that is, it is not immediate.

Download the Program and its dependents for operation:

Microsoft SyncToy 2.1

Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0

Microsoft .NET Framework (Package) 2.0

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