Relationship Sites: Big Advantages and Little Disadvantages

Nowadays, on the internet, we see several social networking sites, from which we can meet new people, find distant friends, even relatives before fleeing memories, reappear with a simple search.

Every day more, more and more people register on social networking sites for some purpose, perhaps unique, which is to be found. There is, however, the other side, as in the case of Orkut, which in the past, had no options to restrict the user's profile, since it was before, a closed community, and anyone who received the invitation, was inside seeing all the data from any person, and because of this, there were many who took advantage of this information to threaten people, to find people to assault them, among others. This has changed, as there are privacy options in the profile, and which many people currently use.

Predominance of social networks by countries, in its large average usage in 2007. Source.

Of course, to create an account on orkut today, it has also become more difficult, it is necessary to even confirm your account through a message received on your cell phone, and only a single cell number can be used per account created, that is, if you want to have two Google accounts, one for each Orkut account, you need to have two internationally valid cell phone numbers, and to receive SMS messages for the account to be validated. Although Orkut goes into decline, most Brazilian users, everywhere else in the world, are joining Facebook, which is a social networking site from which they accept thousands of add-ons for their profile, including online games with the participants, in addition to providing the best marketing placement there is.

On this site, the boy invested in Facebook ads, and had a return of 600% of the amount invested after 48 hours of the ad running on the social network, that is, he managed to make money with Facebook, and without this social network, he I would gain absolutely nothing.

At the top of the most visited sites on the Internet, through Google's doubleclick ad planner program, is Facebook, with a 35.2% view rate for the entire global network, and more than 520 billion page views in its 540 millions of users, that is, practically, each user accesses an average of 962 pages on facebook, anyway, this is the best way to win customers, since the user spends hours editing accounts preference, in chat, in games , and various activities, while ads are served to your right side, and even I always look at the ads, as they often end up confusing the theme of the site with that of the ads, thinking that it's not even an ad, like "Like this page ", appears to be a simple button to like that ad, but it takes the user to the advertiser's website, and who wins is the user who is seeing the offer, and also who posted the ad.

Currently, to advertise on the internet, the easiest way is AdWords, which is a marketing placement standard adopted by several companies to avoid having marketing staff costs, however, Facebook is limited to ads managed by themselves , that is, you want to advertise something on Facebook, it's just them and nobody else, and the result comes!

See that from the list above, the only sites that have more viewing and visitation, and that have the chances of running ads relatively efficiently, would be Facebook, and Wikipedia, but Wikipedia does not make ads, leaving ads on Yahoo! or on the Microsoft network, through the Bing search portal, which for me, is accessed only by those who have Internet Explorer, and access without knowing what it is, since it is installed on the machine, and many users who buy new machines , they may not know how to install other browsers, being limited to the features already installed. (How boring).

Do you already have Facebook? See you!

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