MariaDB - Discover a promising new database

Yes, this is exactly the name you are reading from the newest promising database: MariaDB.

This database originated from the true MySQL developers from a fork before being delivered to Oracle, however with the promise of always being Open-Source, that is, with the guarantee that in the future, it will not be sold. for a large company.

MySQL is a large database that emerged, and, the leading database company for companies, saw great potential on the platform and decided to buy the company.

However, many of the developers were not hired by Oracle, which replaced the entire developer base with its operating bureaucracy.

Most of the original MySQL developers then decided to create a database from a fork and continue updating it, and set the rule so it would never be sold, thus ensuring that it is forever free and open-source.

Oracle, in turn, decreased support and updates as it was happening (just like Java, forcing browsers to withdraw their official support to start with Google Chrome), leaving security holes exposed for lack of updates.

Some of the companies that already use MariaDB are: OLX, Tumblr, Wikipedia and Nimbuzz. See more at

See the official MariaDB website:

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