Error creating bootable flash drive, how to adjust?

Small, light, portable and much faster than a CD-ROM, and much more practical than a hard disk, the pen-drive is a very effective and inexpensive way to streamline the support and formatting of computers, or to perform repairs.

To create a bootable USB flash drive from Windows 7, we can use the application provided by Microsoft, called Windows 7 USB / DVD Tool. Despite the nomenclature "Windows 7", if the ISO is in the same format standard, you can even use images from Windows 8 and Windows 10 to perform the same procedure (with the most updated version of the application).

However, there are times when this error occurs: "We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again.".

This is actually a warning for you to check the thumb drive or the ISO image, however, in most situations, you can solve this problem by cleaning all the partitions on the disk, cleaning the MBR and recreating a partition and making it active, all of it with the DISKPART program.

1. Login to CMD and enter DISKPART (login as administrator).
2. Type "list disk", and a list of available disks on your machine (including internal hard drive and other pen-drivers) will be displayed.
3. "select disk?" being ? the pen drive that you viewed.
4. Now you will delete all data by typing: "clean"
5. The disk now has no more partitions, let's create the partition by typing "create partition primary".
6. Type "active" to make the partition bootable.
7. The marked partition is not formatted, so type the command to format: "format quick fs = fat32"
8. Type "assign" to associate a drive letter for the program to recognize the disk and free space.
9. Try again to save the image.

We did tests with 2 pen-drivers that were in the same situation, and in both cases, the procedure solved the problem.