Security does not sell

An overwhelming statement from the anti-virus company Kaspersky Labs, "Security doesn't sell", with a tone that: "nobody cares about security", has put security in a state of wear and tear, especially after so many security breaches exposed on cell phones, and, as much as they are there, there is no one buying, selling or exchanging devices for knowing whether or not they have security breaches.

Every day, more and more products enter the market, and security breaches explode, and even so, consumers do not force manufacturers to make their corrections, and everyone ends up taking this risk because it is "cheaper".

In addition to the landmark of Chapecoense that left us with a story of commotion among our discovered neighbors in Colombia, and of the aircraft that took off with the exact fuel for the route, we learned that safety flaws exist not only in technical matters, but also in believing that the vulnerability does not exist, however much it is there.

What was the safety control after all, to mitigate the risk of this aircraft not falling? There was not even a control in place to ensure that the aircraft can safely fly over this route.

And on your smartphone, what is the guarantee that it is operating with the exact fuel to access your e-mails, the company's corporate account, your internet banking always logged in, twitter, instagram, facebook, messenger, whatsapp, and, if all your conversations stop at a public site or a torrent site for everyone to download?

Aviation has always learned from mistakes, and thankfully they are. In each new situation, the smallest details are collected and security controls are implemented to avoid a new error of this type.

So far, in aviation, in the middle of 2016, there has never been an aircraft autonomy control and planned route, being the pilot and co-pilot fully responsible for carrying out this verification.

I am absolutely sure that the chartered aircraft left with this exact autonomy, to reduce the cost of the trip, as they believed that vulnerability could never occur, because on other trips, they were lucky and did it with the same fuel and in less time .

The aircraft manufacturer specifies a standard, an autonomy, and, this must be followed, better than anyone else, to know the aircraft that who designed it, and ignore the details of engineering, is to take the risk.

Now, take the risk of so many lives that we lost, to reduce the cost to the maximum, just in luck to be able to earn more?

We must invest and charge security, everywhere, from aircraft to your cell phone, and guarantee the right to life, and the right to privacy, and especially, to human rights.

I hope that from the moment there was this accident with Chapecoense players, that all aircraft will be overhauled in terms of fuel autonomy, and that aviation will be safer every day.

And I also hope, that everyone will charge more security everywhere, as in cell phones and computers, because security "sells", yes, a lot; at least for those who know how to understand their risks; and at the very least, it has already been impacted by a threat at some point in its life.

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