What is a squad?


A "Squad", in English for "Platoon" or "Squad", for the area of ​​development of systems projects, means a group dedicated to developing a resource or solution to meet a customer's need, whether internal or external to the company. organization.

Formed by a team of 5 to a maximum of 10 people, being people with multidisciplinary backgrounds, so they can evaluate and develop, and deliver value to the customer.

The development model in "Squad" focuses on the agile development methodology: dividing the systems development process into small parts, carrying out the development, functional tests, and thus delivering to the customer, as needed.

Some Squads work continuously, to meet the demands of customers who live in constant change for the strategies of the organization as a whole.

Within a "Squad" it is common to have programmers, developers, as well as people who understand the business rule in the company, as well as the customer himself, who follows the evolution process with each delivery.

The work team has the autonomy to manage its projects in the desired way in a simpler and more agile way, dividing tasks into "stories" (or Sprints).

When the customer does not participate directly in the squad, we have the "Product Owner", who is the "Product Owner", the person responsible for understanding all the customer's need, for the product itself, and for keeping the development team focused on the exact element to meet the needs of the end customer.

At each delivery, it is common for the elements developed by the project team to be in charge of producing documentation, or documentation with the latest accumulated implementations, making the transfer of knowledge to other teams, such as project support.

The support team acts as a base to keep deliveries working "as they were delivered", analyzing specific development errors, with minimal corrections focusing on not changing the currently implemented rule. Therefore, the transfer of knowledge is essential for teams to be able to work, develop, and maintain.

"Squad" generally works on an agile development model, managed by project management teams based on the Scrum method, but the support area is more linked to the user support area, and so it is based more on the ITIL methodology of customer service. services and incidents, with terms of service and support for each item according to their severity levels for the organization.

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