File Management - Complete Material

Last year, I created a work, from which I got a good grade in college, even on Youtube I was giving the lecture (see the video section to see "File Management with Aristotle Machado". The work addresses the themes: Concept of files, Data Hierarchy, File Systems, Data Organization and File Allocation Work carried out at UNIESP in 2009.

Work Context:
   1. Concept of files
         1. What is a file
         2. Types of media for recording files
               1. Hard disk
               2. Flash memory
               3. Other types of storage
   2. Data hierarchy
         1. What is
         2. Partition
               1. Creating and Manipulating Partitions
               2. Master Boot Record (MBR)
               3. Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) / GUID Partition Table (GPT)
                     1. Convert a disk to the GUID partition model
   3. File system
         1. What is the File System
               1. HPFS (OS / 2 AND WINDOWS 3.15 NT)
                     1. Features of HPFS
                     2. Advantages of HPFS
                     3. Disadvantages of HPFS
               2. FAT - File Alocation Table
                     1. Advantages of FAT
                     2. Disadvantages of FAT
               3. NTFS (WINDOWS WITH NUCLEUS NT)
                     1. The special features for which NTFS was designed
                     2. POSIX
                     3. Hard Link
                     4. Advantages in NTFS
                     5. Disadvantages of NTFS
               4. exFAT (Extended File Alocation Table)
               5. ReiserFS (linux)
               6. EXT2, 3, 4 (linux)
               7. HFS and HFS +
               8. ZFS (BSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X, Linux)
   4. Organization of Files
         1. Organizing your files
               1. Indexing
               2. Organized partition tables
   5. File allocation
         1. What is
               1. Fragmentation
         2. RAID arrangements
               1. RAID0 - Mirror
               2. RAID1 - Stripping
               3. RAID5 - Stripping with parity
               4. RAID6 - Mirror, Stripping and Parity
               5. FakeRAID
               6. Disadvantages of the RAID arrangement
         3. Open-Source Solutions
   6. References 

I am making the version available for download for those who wish in Word and Portable Document File versions here: Word and PDF.

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