Original software for what?

People say that buying software is crazy, but I will tell you more about my opinion about software that is not original and the reasons for not using it, and that can even be a threat to your computer when used.


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After reading a report on the subject a few years ago on a computer site, of which he was a renowned computer technician, and who did not recommend any of his clients to use a computer with any non-legal software, despite losing many customers, it didn't.

A fake software, it can be said that it was tampered with by someone who studies the area of ​​programming in reverse engineering, that is, this person will study the binary codes, passing to assembler, and connecting important points in serial generation and words "pass "to circumvent the activation systems, in some cases replacing the binary code verification codes with other binary codes, causing only that program to work with" that "serial that came with it, and that neither the" original "serial works.


They are totally illegal ways since the software, like Photoshop, which was built by a group of more than 120 programmers in a Groupware (all writing the code at the same time on a single desktop), besides the great effort, have patents and are sold at high prices.

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Why would a cracker work so hard to circumvent the serial system and activate a program "for free"? Know, nobody offers anything for free to anyone, let alone a cracker.

The great cases of money theft in bank accounts of important people, sometimes give way to carelessness like these, when downloading and installing illegal programs, causing your private security to be compromised.

A program can contain several programs inside one, as well as viruses, trackers, remote access programs, remote control, in addition to programs that collect information that it supposedly finds valuable and sends it to some destination (possibly the cracker that broke the password for a certain product) ).

Accessing bank sites is a great facility, as paying a bank account at 11:59 pm at night is impossible, and via Internet Banking this is entirely possible.

In addition, there are also the risks that come by e-mail and instant messaging, which infect millions of machines with Microsoft Windows operating system, due to users' own carelessness.

Anti-virus in many cases, do not work, especially free ones, since they are updated by the programmers "whenever they want" this if they are not the authors of the viruses that circulate on the internet, but, most viruses enter by failure of the user himself.

Do not download files such as ".com", ".scr" or ".exe" on Windows computers, or on Mac OS X, with extensions such as ".sh", ".dmg", ".bash".

There are viruses that came from Linux, called RootKit, that come from the ROOT user who has full and unrestricted access to the system, making manipulations to the system in such a way that neither anti-virus can remove it by manipulating the operating system's APIs so to speak.

We have to be careful not only on the Internet, but also on the software CD stand at the corner, because a cracker or anyone who offers you software that has a high price at the price of "banana", must have something behind it . The cheap ends up being expensive.


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