Using Windows XP Setup F6 without a floppy disk

This week, I had a small problem with a computer on one of my clients. This computer, notebook of the intelbras line, has a different AHCI type controller, from which it is not even possible to install Windows XP natively. Just as the customer had asked, he asked to install Windows XP on the machine; and it was without an external floppy drive, so the quick and timely solution came, the nLite program.

In the hunt for controller drivers, which is an Intel integrated into the chipset, I realized that Windows Vista offers support for hard disk controller drivers from USB and CD-ROM, in addition to the old floppy disk; but our Windows XP that is already more than 10 years old; but safe and fast (by a certain point of view, taking care of it, obviously) does not offer these facilitating features, and in our notebook, specifically the Intelbras i211, it does not have a floppy drive (does anyone know of any notebook that has a drive) If you know, you don't even have to tell me !!).

When starting the program, it presents an intuitive menu informing the options that can be modified for your installation, the one I used was only the one for "Installation of Additional Drivers" from which I placed the drivers manually, in the "CD Boot" format, where the drivers are embedded in the "" file in the x: \ i386 \ folder on the CD, and then, at the end of the program, it generates an ISO image to burn directly to media.

While choosing the driver, nLite suggested a list of similar drivers to insert in the "CD Boot", and since I didn't know which controller exactly was, I decided to press CTRL and click on all.

At the end of the recording, from which I used a CD-RW, it totaled less than 350Mb, that is, nLite removes what is not necessary as examples folders and migration tools, leaving only the installation of windows and their modifications.

When placing the CD in the notebook, the installation started quickly, detecting the hard disk, and oddly enough, the card unit was recognized (even without a card) as a unit with unpartitioned space (perhaps the drivers do a bridge to run the system on memory cards, probably).

Installation occurred perfectly.

Note: For security, the nLite program was run on a virtual machine. NLite can be used to burn the CD, but in a virtual machine, this is not possible, but it has the function of burning the CD image to disk, being able to transfer it to your host to finish the job.

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