Windows 10 free - Only not!

Nor did it launch Windows 10 and Microsoft has already declared: It will have a free update in the first year of release for those who have Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 even PIRATA.

This is even if you understand, even if you use a computer with the parallel version of Windows, it will be possible to upgrade to the new version of the original Windows 10 and keep all necessary security updates.

Microsoft for many years fought against software piracy starting with Windows XP, with its activation key but which soon leaked corporate keys onto the network.

The same thing happened with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (and 8.1) and with each step they take towards locking windows, new means are emerging for the security created by Windows to be broken.

All information security professionals know very well that "breaking" Windows activation is not only illegal under the law, there is no more reliable evidence in the use of that computer hardware

Since a rootkit-type virus may have appropriated the equipment, that not even a format will solve - definitely the best thing to do is to dispose of the equipment - for corporate security reasons - or would you rather take the risk?

Microsoft is well aware of the security risks that are growing every day, and wants to take all users to have an original Windows license for free and to know the benefits of having a fast and secure Windows, instead of parallel windows. .

Of every 10 people in China, only 1 person has genuine Windows, that is, the number of people using parallel software is alarming.

The same scenario is different in companies, Microsoft said that the promotion is not valid for companies, and that everyone should purchase the software paying for it. All Windows Business versions do not have a free upgrade to the new Windows 10.

The person responsible for the new Windows said in the lecture that the new Windows 10 will be the revolution of Windows licensing on a worldwide scale and the first step towards the definitive end of piracy in the user market.

Only not!

The novelty seems very good, but when the alms are large, the suspicion increases. Wanting to have all users "safe" in exchange for just selling apps on the platform, the idea seems troubled, but when we think like Facebook and Google, having access to a plethora of user data from around the world, is another case to think about .

Today, the "invasion of privacy" guarantees power, and whoever has more user data, has control of everything in their hands, both marketing, benchmark, trends, usability, among others.

One of the rumors for this question is that the test version (beta) of Windows 10, has proven to have an integrated keylogger, that is, Microsoft with its "new test program for the new Windows", knows everything you type in your keyboard.

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