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The interview to find the right people in the IT field is relatively the same for any other position, relatively because the main points assessed in themselves are not the technical points, but the points that nobody in the area usually pays attention to.

In multi-national companies, the form of the job interview is based especially on an established standard mechanism, as there are many people to evaluate, so a test is generally applied to restrict the audience and select from the best to new levels.

In general, these companies evaluate the behavioral profile, as this is an item that prevents many relationship problems between people in the teams.

However, if you are targeting a small company, your chances increase a lot.

A small company usually when it needs to hire someone, the competition is not only small and several candidates end up missing on the day of the interview, they apply a simple test of technical knowledge and this is enough for their hiring.

We know that IBM for example to enter through the selection process, the initial test does not contain anything regarding the position or specific knowledge of the employee, but they do this due to the large number of people who want to enter.

In small companies even if you don't know how to communicate or express yourself well, for your talent you will be recognized much more than in a company that only calculates numbers.

The chances of growing in a small company and making a career are high, but also try to consider the size and customers of the company so you can do a good job.

Show that in addition to wanting a job, you want a place to be able to perform your talents and dedicate yourself, and, do not be proud to say that you know everything, nobody can say this, before being sincere than trying to deceive, this will not lead you to anything, it will only get you to work quickly, but also leave quickly, soiling your work card.

Prefer companies that accept hiring with CLT, although there are other modalities such as PJ or CLT-Flex, companies that choose only CLT show that they have a better social culture than the others.

Do not be fooled into thinking that hiring PJs earn more, as they will have approximately 25% of taxes to pay and will have no benefits, while CLT has benefits and all discounts do not reach 12% of salary.

Being an educated, formal person, and constantly seeking to improve, are ideal points that many small companies look for professionals to invest and have it for a long time.

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