Alleged hacker who would have embezzled R $ 360 thousand is arrested

On the 6th, civil police from GARRAS arrested the computer technician Mário Dias Neto, 30 years old. After obtaining confidential information, he allegedly circumvented Banco do Brasil's SESI FIEMS system and diverted a payment that would be credited to a concessionaire in the Capital, in the amount of R $ 360 thousand. With the money credited to his account, the hacker made several purchases.

Investigations are continuing to identify applications used to embezzle money.

The amount of R $ 360 thousand would have "disappeared" from the Casa da Indústria (Sesi) account after an unsuccessful transfer carried out by Banco do Brasil earlier this month, according to the incident recorded in the 1st Civil Police Station of the Capital.

According to the police record, the organization asked for the transfer of the amount for credit to a car dealership in Campo Grande. The amount would be related to the purchase of three Toyota brand trucks.

Three weeks after the request for transfer of the amount, Sesi was informed that the amount had not been credited. The entity's lawyer, in possession of the transfer receipt, went to the Banco do Brasil branch where the transaction would have to be made and was informed that the money had been transferred to the checking account of an individual, whose name was even provided to him.

The police report contains the information that the manager of Banco do Brasil informed the Sesi lawyer that he did not know what had happened, even before the transfer receipt with the concessionaire's data. It was also informed to the police that 15 days after the first transfer, another amount and money (R $ 120 thousand) had been transferred to the concessionaire, at the request of the entity, the amount correctly credited.

Then an immediate refund was requested.

Source: Correio do Estado.

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