How to include your site in the most popular search engines

There are several ways to include your site in search engines, but the most reliable is to send a map of your site with all the links to these search engines.

There is a dedicated API for search engines to receive map files in XML format, also called SiteMaps.

You will first need to have a sitemap file for your site, and there are several internet sitemap generators available, which generate sitemap files online.

As an example, we will use the site

Enter your website URL in the field and wait for the sitemap to be generated, which will be a file in XML format.
This site has a restriction of 500 URLs per domain, there are others with higher limits, however, if your site does not exceed, you can use this same.

Remember that if you use a website with dynamic content that the page changes with parameters like QueryString (the commands after a question mark), this counts as a new URL in the sitemap, that is, a new page.

Once you have the sitemap.xml file in hand, send it to your site, leaving it at so that search engines can quickly find the file, and don't forget to also have a robots file. txt to allow search engines to access your site.

Now, to streamline the search process through search portals (which you may not even know your domain exists), see the API urls of the most common search engines for sending sitemap:[url_sitemap]{url_sitemap][url_sitemap] sitemap = [url_sitemap]

[Url_sitemap] is the URL of your site with the path of sitemap.xml.

So to register on Bing, it would be for example:

Remember to change to your domain to make it work.

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  1. Se você utiliza blogger, o seu sitemap é atom.xml. Exemplo: ou

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