Tablets equip police vehicles

Handheld computers with a touchscreen, an object of the moment, help the São Paulo Military Police to fight crime. PM vehicles equipped with the new technology were presented on Monday morning (12) to Governor Geraldo Alckmin and Secretary of Public Security, Antonio Ferreira Pinto, at the General Command of the PM, in the district of Luz, in the center of the capital.

Today, 4,000 PM vehicles equipped with tablets patrol neighborhoods in the capital and some cities in the metropolitan region. Until January next year, all 11 thousand PM vehicles in the State will have the new technology, which helps to consult criminal databases, records of police reports, notes and reports, in addition to sending information to the command. Attached to the front window, the tablet is connected directly to the vehicle's battery. The equipment has GPS and also received automatic vehicle locators (AVL), which will speed up the location of the vehicle closest to the occurrence.

Much more than helping with operational policing, tablets have improved troop and resource management. The incident is transmitted to the vehicle by the tablet, a window opens and passes the preliminary information to the police. After assuming the service, the GPS generates a route.

"It is not possible to place a police officer in each block of the State. Therefore, we need to invest in technology," said the commander-in-chief of the Military Police, Colonel Álvaro Batista Camilo.

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