New Internet Threats: Rootkit

After the viruses for Windows environment, where day by day we live removing them, mainly from the computers of people who do not know how to detect fake e-mails received from their friends containing photos outside content that were downloaded from the internet without the real consent of the origin of the even, among others like worm, spam, virus, trojan, now there are rootkits.

A Rootkit, is a kind of virus that came from the Linux system. Who said Linux doesn't have a virus? You're wrong. These are the worst virus systems that exist, as they are not detected by any anti-virus program and any user action, hiding behind critical system processes, or simply not showing up.
His name is derived from linux, since the Root user in the Unix environment, has the power to do whatever he wants with the computer.
When the user opens a file that contains the malicious code, the rootkit filters the information and passes only the code that the user requested to the operating system, and hides the malicious code, and thus, that the anti-virus performs the scanning, is the same as nothing, since the rootkit has control over the system's APIs when calling a file to be read or written.

I've been seeing a story, that they are recorded in the MBR of the disk, that is, in the zero track, and that to remove it, you would have to use an efficient partition management system to remove the malicious code, however, there is no solution with a zero level so low to be able to remove any code from this area, since modifying the MBR implies, at certain times, the need to restart the machine, and, until the user reboots, the rootkit will be able to enter its code again before the machine be turned off.

As with Linux, that any file can be a system executable (unlike Windows, which only extensions like ".exe" or ".com" or ".scr" are executable) the rootkit can access image files like Gif , Jpeg, Bmp, and insert malicious code into them and make them executable, making it now more difficult to find a virus in Windows environment.

If you want to protect your family and your home from rootkit, see and for some tips on how to protect yourself from these evils through your email and good practices. through the Internet.

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