Google Wave

Google Wave and doubts, what is it? Simple, it's a new format for sending e-mails that only those who use it are impressed, you can send messages and they remain editable with you, and the person on the other end receives the update in real time, and this can be with several people at the same time. Each message is called a Wavelet, and every message sent on the wavelet is called a blip. There are robots that do tasks that we don't even think about, but, it all comes down to this: Wavelet messages.

The robots, are simply systems that also have access to the message you sent, but changes as it was programmed, for example, an emoticon robot, creates balloons and drawings when finding in the message any specific character like ":-)", and exchange it for an image.

To go further, there are those who access MSN via the wavelet, Twitter, and many others like post robots, which copy the contents of their wavelet, to a page or to another corner of the web, and to be worse, there are robots that allow you to transmit voice through the wavelet!

Discussing robots is a bit tricky, as thousands of them appear every day on the internet, due to Google's AppEngine, which is a free software development environment for the platform, and which offers resources to share and sell when they run out. developers, and, by working on the same layer as Google Wave, applications have access to wavelets through the specific API, and can work natively.

How about an instant translation robot while chatting with your friends from other countries? Yes, with Wave you can! I believe that soon, there will be thousands of applications, robots and gadgets for your Wave.

Don't you have yours? How about asking? Go to and ask for access, depending, it may take a few months, or ask a friend of yours to invite you, since the invitation is faster, at most 24 hours you already start using the resources of the future.

See you later!

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