Failure of Windows Live Messenger 2009

What to do to fix the error 80040111 or 80040154 so common in Windows Live Messenger 2009? If you already noticed, since August 2009 you are obliged to update your MSN communicator, however, the new version has many defects and flaws, besides being heavy and fat, with 130 Mb just for Messenger, it has been a failure .

After so many updates, the big fatal error, the new version does not access the network, even with ping functions and stable connections working.

The new MSN communicates with the Windows Live server through an external application that is no longer integrated into the new communicator. Microsoft, so far, does not inform and does not know to inform the causes of the problem. I, in my test lab, found that it is a "dll" extension program and that it needs an application called Microsoft XML Parser to be called.

You can search for this product on the Microsoft website in the download section or  download it here and install this software. Once installed, restart your computer and try again to login to your Messenger.

If your Messenger still doesn't work, do as I do, abandon it and switch to third-party solutions like Yahoo! or AOL, but your hotmail contacts will no longer work, and I recommend that you invite your friends and partners to other products like Google Talk right now, as it seems that the new version of MSN will be a page that will occupy almost all the monitor of many junk.

There are solutions like Meebo, from which you can access MSN through a web interface, and which is excellent, but does not support audio or video conversations.

Here at this link, there's information for you to try and follow and maybe get it working again directly from the Microsoft domain: = 14.0.8089.0726 & ErrorCode = 80040154 & ErrorId = 80040154 & Locale = en_ms

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