Microsoft and Apple united against Google?

Google is here to stay, it looks like the 7-horned beast of the apocalypse, seen from all corners of the earth, and now it looks like Apple will unite with Microsoft due to the events of Android and the supposed netbook made by Google, starting with the app Microsoft Bing for iPhone. Yes, the fight is armed and with all the applications that Google has made, operating systems and applications for its mobile devices, it has now entered the fierce fight against the iPhone, and in operating systems against Microsoft.

Well, going back a bit, before Google had a long-term partnership with Apple, together on the iPhone, where some applications were developed, such as the search for the Safari browser, however, after the creation of Android, one of the directors of Google who worked at Apple, he resigned his position and preferred to remain with Google, so the partnership was discontinued.

Well, to say that Microsoft is gaining market share with Bing, it is difficult to swallow, because the system is not at all customizable, you never find what you need and the page is too heavy to even look at, I don't know if Google hooked us with their simple page and with the colorful colors of the letters, but it seems that visual is not everything, since on Google you find what you think, just just search a little more.

Myths say that Google would be controlling each user on the internet, knowing what he does, what he writes, well this may even be true, I took a look at the "Web History" and there it shows the search activity I performed on Google , there were more than "5000" searches I made on Google while logged in to my routine user, well, this is shocking.

We hope that the merger of Apple and Microsoft to enable a healthier internet, applications for iPhone users and a more practical operating system to use may be the goal of this supposed union against Google, so we hope.

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