How to make a Blogger with Brazilian domains

One of the questions that is puzzling many Blogger users, including me, is adding the Brazilian domain, that is, those ending with the suffix ".br".

Unlike international services such as Godaddy, which register personalized domains and offer advanced DNS features, Registro.BR which registers domains, only offers the ability to register DNS "delegations", that is, they operate at the top hierarchical level of the DNS regime, registering only who are the authoritative DNS servers (the ones that take care of the domain), and two servers are needed, the Master and the Slave.

Godaddy, for international domains, offers the complete solution together with Master and Slave servers for the free domain, however it also offers the resource such as Registro.BR to delegate your Master and Slave servers in a particular way.

One of the solutions found for this, is to have 2 servers, or to appeal to DNS hosting solutions, and some of them that I found, are free: offers a very fast solution for responses to domains you want to register, with a limit of up to 20 personalized domains per user, free of charge, and if you want more, offer exclusive packages. offers an extremely simple solution for you also for free, but limited to up to 5 domains, and DNS servers can take up to 72 hours to register your actions, that is, use tools to test your domain, as on the website .

For Blogger, the settings are as follows:

Create a CNAME with the alias of "www" for " ".

If your blog is not on "www", you can enter another name for the alias, such as "blog", so it looks like this:

"blog" value: " ".

For all values, " " is required , as Google is the owner of Blogger.

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