Mac and PC

We have long seen the fight between the two, and for a long time it hung that Apple was out of the market, with more than 80% of users using the windows system around the world.

It turns out, lately, things are going very differently, and many users who need quality services, end up opting for a more robust system, looking among different options than Windows, and we commonly see videos on youtube about the attacks of competitors. See the video below, the tie would be like the PC and the other the Mac:

Eu mesmo já disse que meu próximo computador vai ser um mac, nem que seja um simples, porque já utilizei um mac e vi que o sistema é muito robusto e que, ao contrário do linux, são milhares de aplicações disponíveis, entre elas, editores de vídeo, som, e muitas outras futilidades assim existentes no ambiente windows que tornam possível a produtividade da criação da imaginação. O melhor, é que o Photoshop funciona de forma nativa neste sistema, melhor que no Windows.

There are people who criticize me for forgetting about linux, but linux is also an operating system that we should not forget, but today, we see a system without standards, with scarce applications in the area of ​​audio visual productivity, except for image editing through from Gimp, and through emulations that make it possible to run Photoshop, but I think linux is more expensive for servers and network services, it is not good for the home user (as I like to deal with unusual things and work with tools new) and the Mac made me have this freedom, as I already had in Windows, after all, any site you find tutorial of everything to do everything, how about putting subtitles in videos? Well, on Windows, Sony Vegas is a good option. And on the Mac? Final Cut. On linux? I don't know, but one thing I do know, that on the Mac,Final Cut is much better than Sony Vegas for Windows.

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