How can Google Apps help your business?

You who have a micro company and don't have an IT area (or maybe even have one), you should probably use the email resources of a hosting provider for your domain's emails or use a personal email to contact, the form that, so to speak, the most visually inadequate when presenting a business card.

But instead of using your company's resources for development, you are in the situation that 30% of your IT is in charge of solving email problems, whether it is backup of PST files, which in some cases are corrupted, or serious unavailability.

Maybe nobody told you about this before, but you can use Google to host your email service, and right away, it has an infrastructure of the best webmail today, that is, it is possible to ban the use of e- reduce IT time spent looking for old emails and even reduce software license costs.

Google Apps for Work, was developed specifically for use at work, and is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring a level of protection for the user, and has several tools to make your email fully available in the cloud.

No more using the old Outlook, which from time to time requires preventive maintenance to prevent e-mails from being lost due to local files. Keeping files on a local machine is far from the ideal place to store files, especially critical ones.

There are companies that the life of the company depends on e-mail, and it becomes one of the most important items in the organization of the same, although it is something "outdated" to do this in front of large companies, which use systems for project management . But this scenario is not seen everywhere, and of course, email is still the best way to organize and document requests and requests.

Using Google Apps for Work, you have benefits such as: cloud email, data saved and spread across all Google data centers, and files and spreadsheets with real-time sharing and editing. Yes, don't send that old word file anymore, send an editable online link, where you can see the other person editing the file together with you, in real time, and even chat in an integrated chat.

How does Gmail work?

Gmail on Google, is a virtual machine that runs on top of the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, and it expands automatically using more physical machines as demand for computing resources.

Information security

Data replication at Google is done through a database platform distributed among data centers around the world. Your email account is probably hosted on demand in every part of the continents, and you won't even notice it.

Of course, if you use POP3 to retrieve Google messages and keep emails in PST, you will be dispensing with all the security and data replication that Google does for you, keeping your emails on your non-tolerant mechanical hard drive. failures.
In addition, a PST file can be opened by anyone, and Google's webmail always operates with SSL and will always require a password to access emails.

Email search

Google's concept for emails is: don't delete, archive. So you have the best search tool available: try searching for some e-mail and it can appear in a moment for you.

Be ready for the future

The future is cloud computing, and this is already a necessity in the current scenario, and keeping e-mails in the cloud is also a necessity nowadays, as this reduces server maintenance work, since the The data center is already prepared for this, and they automatically have all the mechanisms and controls to prevent failures, risks, and guarantee a quality service.

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