Computer Sales Professionals

Many people avoid thinking about sales when it comes to information technology, in fact, not only in information technology but in the job market as a whole, thinking that this area may not be as good as an effective job as a technician or programmer. , or analyst, etc. It turns out that the market is radically changing this aspect, and the professionals who have been most successful are precisely the vendors of IT solutions.

In addition, they become essential for a software factory company, as they will be able to bring new projects for the company to develop, create, model, design, and finally deliver to the customer, making them a satisfied and satisfied customer. possibly a new customer in the future for a new project, be it a new system or an upgrade from the old one.

Salespeople, usually from the commercial department, must understand how the system works, usually how to program it, how it is created, how it develops, so that it can sell systems that are amenable to development, otherwise they can sell something that is perhaps impossible to develop, or that the company may not be an expert in the field.

A company that develops e-commerce sites, may not be an expert to develop a remote home or commercial automation site, despite starting from the same principle of using a server to process information, the automation area requires specific knowledge of the installed hardware, in order to build the software, and normally these systems work with a closed API, that is, a seller must know what he is selling in order not to cause complications in the company's projects.

A salesperson has earnings, depending on the company, fully commissioned. A disadvantage in this case is that the professional, as time goes by, needs to acquire experience in selling software, in other words, he takes to receive the first salaries so to speak, however when he acquires a certain amount of experience and knows how to master the area in which you can apply new projects, and sell them, you can earn a lot of money.

There are systems that if the solution sales analyst sells, the company can provide a new car for this employee, as there are systems that are extremely expensive and costly, and the more expensive to sell, the more profit the company has, and therefore the need of professionals like the IT salesperson.

Companies say that it is difficult to find professionals, but what most currently has is professionals looking for a space, and companies always paying less, and there is a huge turnover of these professionals, but maybe it is just a matter of finding the right professional, with ethics, character , and who wears the company's shirt, as in the case of the seller, needs to have all these to be a good professional, but still needs to be a good seller.

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