Get rid of viruses with 2 important steps

If you have a computer with viruses all over the place, it's because you didn't take care of it correctly, and clicked where you shouldn't have clicked, now, just reinstalling everything, if you don't know how to do this, call a technician to do this.

Now with a clean computer, no slowness, fast to access the internet, fast to watch youtube videos, and preferably using an original system (who knows where these pirated software comes from) or a Linux distribution for those who do not want to invest in an operating system proprietary (although the tips here are valid for Windows systems, since Linux vulnerabilities are extremely minor).

Tip 1:
- Be wary of any email with an attachment, photo, file, screen saver, spam message, message to send to your friends, a motivating or convincing message to make it replicate to your friends, etc. Always mark as phishing if you are using Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail, or simply delete the message. There are systems that can discover the network of friends to send fake messages as your friend to your email, making you click on attachments, photos, screen saver, and in reality, it is a malicious program that is installed on your computer. E-mail is the most insecure thing that has existed since 1980, because the main vulnerability is the possible "spoofing" of identity, which cannot be prevented. If someone talks to you that they received an email from you and thought it was strange, stay calm, nobody logged in to your email account, the email was sent from outside your account, and the person suspected that that message could be yours , and often these people end up clicking and being victims.

Tip 2:
- Never use others' pen-drives on your computer. You never know the content of the pen drive before inserting it in the computer, so don't take any chances, there are programs that when you finish inserting the pen drive in the computer, start a chain of programs that you can install on your computer without your knowledge. If you need to buy a pen-drive for personal use, buy it at large and recognized stores, such as Lojas Americanas (don't buy from the street vendor, who knows where this comes from, and often comes with sizes that are not real, in addition to losing data important almost always! Original pen-drive supports up to 10,000 rewrites !!!).
Avoid using the pen-drive on other computers, use it as if it were for exclusive use for a single computer. If you need to transfer files to other computers, prefer to transfer over the network, by email, or by burning a CD-R, or perhaps a CD-RW, which allows up to 100 rewrites !!!.

With these 2 tips, you no longer need to have your anti-virus on your computer, it will just be a nuisance, consuming memory and processing resources, since for each attitude of the user, first pass through the screen of the anti-virus to be executed later, but, until you get used to these 2 simple tips, always keep it updated, and with or without anti-virus, know that threats can happen in the same way, because every second, more than 10,000 viruses enter the network, and there is no anti-virus capable of protecting a computer from all these threats, neither here, "nor in China".

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