Areas of expertise in Informatics

When we talk about information technology, we currently speak in several segments of work, starting with user support, technical support, reaching the strategic levels of large corporations, which depend on the latest software to generate and control their profits. What then do you want to do in this field?

If you are leaving school now, and want to enter this area, then let's go to some important tips for each existing area in IT:

Technical support
Technical support takes care of computer hardware equipment, which includes configuration, installation, formatting of the system, including network support, in some cases, such as installation and repair of cables and configuration of the computer network, including wireless. Being at the lowest level, there are the interns, who receive a scholarship, and who are often not recognized for their work, since they are only called when there is a problem with the computer, even if it is a forgotten plug in the outlet, or rather, he is treated as a slave by many people.

Systems development
In addition to technical support, there are teams that develop the systems necessary for companies in all types of business. Currently, the computer is present in almost 100% of the business sectors, and everything is due to the fact of having a flexible system, which accompanies the company in its day to day. The flexibility and modularization of the companies, makes it almost mandatory to have a team to always keep the systems updated, after all, the system must always be built to be scalable, that is, ready to support new workloads, which were not expected before. This staggering level must be at least 100%, that is, if the system was built to serve 100 thousand customers, it must work for a minimum of 200 thousand customers, so that there are no failures with the 100 thousand customers, with quality, speed and integrity of information with peace of mind. Salaries are reasonable, and depending on the position, 14 and 15 salaries are earned.

User Support and Training
The academic area is one of the areas that are growing a lot every day, and we have to be aware of this area as well. If you want to enter the field of education, it is necessary to take at least a higher education course in the area of ​​exact, and post-graduation with lato sensu, which is the minimum required by MEC for university professors, or at least graduation, for classes. in public schools in high school as an eventual teacher, needing a specialization in pedagogy, which depending on the degree completed, is just another year, with the elimination of material.

Management, Strategic Level
At the top of the hierarchy, there are many people who need to be trained in the Exact area, mainly in companies in the IT area, which they explicitly need professionals who think, with the ability to communicate with all departments of the company, having technical knowledge, not so specialized, but having a knowledge of the company as a whole, that is, they are able to talk to the group of human resources, systems development, user support, production, software factory, among others. An IT manager earns at least R $ 9,000.00 monthly here in Brazil today, but has a great responsibility, needing to deliver software within the deadline stipulated by the board and the commercial, and get everything that the departments are asking and requesting, such as example, supposing that there is a new project and this project is big, and needs more professional programmers in a specific programming language, then the manager is responsible for referring vacancies to the human resources department to select, in addition to when possible, to be present with future professionals during interviews, as HR professionals often do not have technical knowledge of the area.

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