VIVO's 3G (shredded) Internet

3gVIVO is still limited to selling prehistoric plans, from the stone age to customers, deceiving them with the Digital TV service, which uses the "free" signal from TV operators, the signal technically called "1Sec" ". For those who do not know, this signal model uses a transmission parallel to the digital signal of the TV (emitted by the TV operator, not by the VIVO network) in Simple mode (only receives) of 128 kbps. That is, because it is digital, you receive the signal according to the position of the antenna to the antenna of the TV operator.

The 1sec standard was developed in Japan to distribute HDTV TV content to the PSP. As the device does not have enough hardware to reproduce the image in full HD (1920x1080p), the operators are committed to providing in the last range of the frequency, the "1sec" signal for compatibility with "embedded" peripherals or without computing power.

In other words, VIVO provides the worst internet, with the worst digital signal that exists, and there are still people who fall for the "tale" and acquire it by becoming loyal for something that they may not even use, for VIVO's profit.

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