Rio de Janeiro sues Google over Orkut

200px-OrkutLogotipoBrasilThe State of Rio de Janeiro, (the attorney general's office) has filed a lawsuit against Google over the social network Orkut, and they see that because of this network, several crimes have been committed, and have crimes carried out over a period of two years , such as pedophilia, criminal factions, advocacy for drugs, etc.

If it was just orkut, it would be good, but this happens all over the Internet, and I think it is very wrong what they do, because it is unfair, because they will sue Google, because they will not sue Facebook, MySpace, Badoo, and many others out there? Just because Facebook is typically used by Americans who are not going to do this? Did Orkut become Brazil's relationship community?

I say that it is unfair, simply because if they are going to sue, they should all be sued, after all, who accesses what they shouldn't, is the user, and instead of creating a lawsuit, because it does not create programs to encourage the good use of the internet ? Be sure to comment!

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