Kindle sells more than printed books

After having their prices reduced, Amazon reported that more book readers were sold than printed books.

In the past, many people, seeking to gain knowledge, or just improve in writing and reading, went to libraries to study, and many times they were even charged fees to be able to take some book off the shelf today, perhaps molding in the corners of the city, forgotten, especially in the United States, where the Kindle, an e-book reader, sold more than printed books.

This is being a trend due to the use of technology and the internet, and I believe that this will only increase day by day, and this shows that investing in digital versions of books, is a great option for writers, since they will not need to publish and spend on printing and manufacturing the book, much less transporting it to stores in the city.

Just as e-commerce has grown a lot, so in the same way, the Kindle after having its price reduced from US $ 259 to US $ 189 in late July, shows itself as a successful alternative for book sales, in addition to being economical and nonetheless a way of being more “green” with respect to global warming (which I usually say I don't believe, however, it's worth thinking about the illegal use of wood, and reforestation).

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