Google Wave is now Labs, no more invitation needed, and free for Google Apps

So much was said about Google Wave, before in its Preview version, now in its current version, called Labs, Google also removed the limited access by invitations. Today, anyone who has a Google Accounts account, can just type in to access their own Wave. Some of my friends are having trouble accessing it, as it is a new and recent system, and some of them are still limited to having accounts only on one or the other email service other than that offered by Google, Gmail, for example. find it very ridiculous to have a in the username, but this is a matter of taste, as google has the domain "" for all Gmail users (if you have a Gmail, try changing the ending via @ and in addition, your Google Wave email remains the same, just changing the ending, which is "@".

This one does not receive traditional emails, only wavelets. Now if you want to use your traditional email in Google Wave, this is not possible, since to have a service that accepts "wavelets", only if it is Google's own servers, that is, with Google Apps. Google Apps users can now add the Google Wave Labs app to their domain, making it private or not, making it possible to chat with Google Wave for Google Apps members to all other existing contacts. But there is an option to block this function, where users and employees of a company that uses Google Apps, can only add contacts with the same source domain.

To add your Google Wave Labs to your Google Apps, just type:<seu domínio aqui, sem www>/

Then, log in to your control panel.

Now click on Add more services. With the window open, now click on "Add Service" if Google Wave Labs is showing, if not, use the following URL:<seu domínio aqui, sem www>/AddService?serviceLabel=wave

And then, see the message that appears below:

Now, click "Yes, enable Google Wave" to access the application for your domain.

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