Once Upon a Time Microsoft - Part 2

I had previously written about what will happen with Microsoft, and now, this month, we have seen the sale of 2 million Apple iPads, making it the new leader in the IT sector based on portable devices, overtaking the big rival Microsoft.

I already said, Microsoft with this strategic vision of taking Windows XP off the shelves, and forcing users to use Ruindows Seven (Windows 7) that locks even the mouse pointer with few activities in process, has made Mac OS X grow not only on the Apple platform, but also on the PC platform.

Linux is currently getting better and better, as is the case with Ubuntu, which can download packages directly from a program in the menu, to play videos with codecs that Windows wouldn't even imagine. Although Ubuntu is aimed at the home user, the great advantage is that it is much safer, referring to the viruses that we receive daily on the Ruindows platform. If Microsoft doesn’t change, and doesn’t make a damn coldmail (Hotmail) a powerful email system that prevents virus messages (like Gmail or Yahoo !, or even the friendly Anti-Spam from UOL, which asks for confirmation for the message it received), Microsoft will have to have a system to be able to at least try to make a profit, in areas outside the desktop, such as the case of iPhones and the Nexus One, Google's cell phone (Currently, Microsoft does not have nothing in this area, besides the ridiculous Windows Mobile 7, the Windows Phone, or the Zune, barely known for its poor publicity).

It's Microsoft, will we see its end now? Where's Bill Gates? Isn't he smart enough? Who will buy Windows license, Microsoft? Home users are migrating to Apple or Linux, or even putting Windows pirates on, and accepting to be getting an activation message all the time, and having the machine locked all the second, and companies are migrating everything to Java solutions. And if you are foolish enough, Java is cross-platform, what they want, is to run applications both on Linux, Macintosh, or Windows, of course, with a focus on non-proprietary platform, like Linux, or cutting edge, like the Macintosh.

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