Once upon a time Microsoft

It seems that it is not today that spicings about Microsoft about its downfall. Since the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft is no longer the same. Before, Microsoft was always ahead, launching operating systems, while Apple was just on the other side developing its systems for supercomputers. Then the market turned, and Microsoft, in a strategic error, launched the best operating system ever made, Windows XP.
Until then, to be an experience, Windows XP is nothing more than the evolution of NT technology based on server systems, now available to home users. Of course, because it is NT technology, there was a lot of resistance from users at the beginning, many of them opting for versions based on the coreless system, dependent on MS-DOS.
Well, 10 years have passed, and things have changed. Today, manufacturers already prioritize drivers only for the NT core, something that before was not really prioritized, being left only for large systems. With the large amount of driver support for the current system, Microsoft saw that it missed its strategic plan; and Windows users, have gotten used to this currently 'lightweight' version for our machines and extraordinarily functional.
It is possible to optimize Windows XP both to work as a server, as just a workstation, this is practically the first solution on the market that brings two solutions integrated into just one, until then.
Seeing that Apple launched its systems as version X (ten) that brings hardware-accelerated graphical interfaces, Microsoft ended up imagining making a system like Apple's * (as if they hadn't already done so in the past, however, now the idea didn't quite work out).
Apple uses a BSD-based system, the Darwin kernel, and with it, the system has stability and confidence in itself, so much so that the “Aero” on the Mac, does not exceed 10 Mb of memory consumption, this is because it is a native system, the system depends on the acceleration features of the video card, or it enters VESA mode, which is a common emergency support mode for all current video cards to accept “forced” acceleration. Performance drops a little, however, nor does it compare with Microsoft's attempt.
Windows Vista has been redesigned to be an X-like system from Apple. And, not harnessing much to the subject, but practically, the Aero was the worst thing that has ever been done, totally dependent on the hardware being compatible, and a minimum of 64 Mb of RAM that is useless, because today any video card on -board has much more than that and Aero doesn't work, and that generic Aero error message always appears so that we can imagine what went wrong…
I say more, Mac OS X, even with limited resources, low battery, with little memory, and in VESA, it is much faster than Aero do Vista, even with the best video card available.
In order to resort to the loss, Microsoft decides to stop the sales of Windows XP (great lack of strategy, it would be the best) and make users choose machines with Windows Vista, and the worst thing is that Microsoft has made so many partnerships with manufacturers, leaving your Vista almost “free” as long as they install on your new computers, practically forcing the end user to use Vista.
Vista already hurt my eyes, now comes Windows 7. Windows 7, for worse, also comes with this defective Aero; it is lighter and more practical, however, nothing like Windows XP or the very light Mac OS X. The worst part is that Mac OS X loads a pure 500 Mb in RAM only of files needed from the system kernel; note that all the necessary items are loaded, while Windows 7, loads 80 Mb maximum, leaving the memory free to load the necessary items later (I think this is stupid, because the machine is very slow).
We all know that a hard disk is a type of very slow memory, see that a program for Mac, is always 2 times the size of a Windows executable, and is 10 times faster than programs for Windows, and is much lighter ( ironic isn't it?).
That's it, well, I hope that Google will soon launch its operating system, otherwise we will be here in a few years, without a system to be able to use on our computers; or Apple will win me as its new user in a few months. (Hehehe). [Windows, never again, is a thing of the past].
I think that many professionals like me, should think the same way. Windows, it's ruindows.

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