Web applications

Every day, we see more online applications that are, in the long term, replacing current applications, without having to buy software and / or license it, using text editors, slide shows, through the browser itself. Internet.

The idea started at an early age, when the idea of ​​Web 2.0 emerged, however, we are past this era of Web 2.0, because this internet makes us limited to the creation of text documents, sheets, among others.

In Japan, due to the high speed of the internet, it is common to see websites in 3D. That's right, third dimension. You use the mouse scroll to go forward, or backward, to move around the site in third dimension, containing information and / or even online games.
A similar example of a website produced in 3D, is , where the user uses a system where he searches for photos through photo portals, his goal becoming a planet, and clicking on other planets, will filtering only the photos you want.
There are sites that make you interact with others through flash, javascript, ajax, jQuery, among other programming languages ​​aimed at the Web.
We can say, then, that we are entering the era of Web 3.0, where everything is becoming in the third dimension.
On the vivo website, we have some links talking about the Vivo ZAP 3G product, which refers to the broadband internet connection through the cellular network, where it is possible to browse the portal in three dimensions, however, it does not come very close to Japan sites, but also, it would take a long time to load if it were a complete site.

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