How to disable Google Photos automatically save screenshots

Google Photos users of some mobile devices like Samsung S8, S9, S10, and the like, have a common problem: Your multi-application folder is in the DCIM folder, and Google's photo sync application, Google Photos, does not recognize folders from other applications, screenshots, thumbnails, as separate folders, but only as "Camera".

On other devices, such as Google Pixel, the folder "screenshots" is in the part of the images, and not in the DCIM folder, and in the synchronization application, you cannot fail to select this directory.

However, you can, through a computer, force a certain directory inside the DCIM folder not to be automatically synchronized by Google Photos.

By creating an empty file named ".nomedia", this solves the problem in directories that you don't want to sync to Google Photos.

When this file is empty, Google Photos stops viewing the media within the "Camera" section, and if you create the ".nomedia" file in the camera's own folder, all of your photos will "disappear" from Google Photos, as it will no longer find this directory.

To create this file, however, if you do not have a specific application to create files, you can do this via a computer with the USB cable, but if you have a computer with the Windows operating system, you will not be able to create this type of file , but from the command line you can create a new file with the following command:

echo. > .nomedia

Then a file will be generated in the directory, and you can copy this file to your mobile device in all the directories that Google Photos will no longer synchronize the files, being invisible to the application.


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