The end of Facebook

To spend hours and hours in front of the computer, doing nothing, looking at facebook, twitter, etc. they can bring you pleasure, and / or even this behavior can be addictive, as is already known by some scientists around the world, to the point of saying that the addiction to reading publications has addictive effects similar to several other types of drugs.

But we have many activities that we can do with our computer day after day, productive items, which can yield you much more than a new job, prominence in the sector, etc.

Technology is here to stay, and it is establishing itself more and more, and, every time innovations arrive, new companies attack and advance day after day seeking their profits, which is the main method of capitalism.

Capitalism causes companies to focus on shareholder income, share appreciation, increased profit, and technology evolves together in this cluster of shares.

But instead of producing productive items, such as a website, YouTube channel, blog, even if it is just to learn to write, you prefer to be a spectator who makes facebook become a huge company listed on Nasdaq, which in 2012 only cost $ 22, and currently costs $ 170, after all, the FB product is you.

The facebook site was simply brilliant, it appeared in the middle of the Orkut era, but much more complex, and commonly used by intellectual people, who just wanted to stay away from messages and gossip, and share items with family members and the like.

Nowadays, these channels have become points of profitability for countless people, mainly artists, of any genre, to the point of making them want to vomit when young people enter the subway and start singing, and end by saying to follow the urge or face with a certain name, instead of asking for some change to help with the studies. What everyone wants is likes and followers. Just fame, a digital fame, after all, this can yield much more than alms.

The biggest gains on the internet are related to staggered exposure because if you have a follower, most likely you will have this follower forever, and with each new subscriber, these multiples continue to increase exponentially.

But eventually it all tires, comes to an end, as well as several other sites that were left in the legacy of gossip, intrigues, causes in court because of certain communities, and that made Google end with Orkut operations, because the profit does not pays off.

Facebook starts to follow the same steps towards the end, and there is nothing that will make it continue to exist, towards the deterioration of the empire with various causes in justice wanting this, that, impositions that make developers work against time to meet laws, instead of developing and programming for simple pleasure.

The pleasure of maintaining facebook, must still exist in the hands of some programmers, but certainly, it should not be the creator himself, who delegates other people to maintain the infrastructure, codes, among others.

Security breaches occur day after day, second after second, both in the simulated visualization as if it were someone else, amid game APIs, and a huge source code for hundreds of complex privacy features, and to manage huge items, with the the shortest possible time, means that the code may be getting more and more complex, slower, more dependent on more and more infrastructure, and that in turn, it starts to become unsustainable.

The future is certainly no longer focused on centralizing data in a single company, which is a focus for maintaining, saving, protecting, all user data. The responsibility for privacy, should be shared with the users themselves, and currently the only technology that can really provide this, is blockchain technology, and a public and distributed social network, in fact, would be able to take a new level of increasing complexity , bringing facebook to be the old Orkut, and the new to perform the necessary separation to move forward.

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