Earn money when reporting pirated software

In full year 2018, the year in which the focus on information security becomes the critical target due to serious incidents that occurred in the past and that still occur today, such as the case of Banco Neon, investigated and punished by the Central Bank, and now with a new case from Banco Inter, where the prosecutor investigates the alleged case of customer data leakage in a file with more than 40 GB of data, including cryptographic keys that allow anyone to intervene with the account values, in addition to card passwords, CVV, among other data, it is obvious that what is recommended now is to withdraw all money from small banks until further notice to protect your assets.

Now, to try to raise the standard of security, a company launches an unusual proposal: report pirated software in use by companies and earn financial rewards! That's right, you can report a company that uses a wrong license on some equipment, and you can be paid for your report.

But what about Banco Inter, and pirated software? Maybe nothing, just nothing. This was just to get attention, after all the theme is popular. What happens is that not always a company that was compromised, was because of malicious software, and in many cases, almost 75% of the chances of having been caused by the intentional action of an employee, for whatever reason, generally emotional, revenge, or financial, if you can gain something (by buying shares?).

However, in the cases of 25%, and if the company still adopts a conduct of not using only and completely legalized software, the risk can explode, because, after all, nobody in this world comes out offering you money, software, or whatever. grace, everything has a price, doesn't it?

And yet, we know that in Brazil we have companies that can adopt measures where only some software is licensed, and that is why the company's proposal is to receive complaints, and thus start the investigation, and whoever reports, will benefit financially.

The website allows you to submit a company report using unlicensed software, or from content distributors selling fake software.

So we can guarantee that companies seek to license software, mainly companies that do not have a focus on information technology, and purchase used machines, from third parties, and do not worry about licensing them.

If you know of a company that uses illegal software and want to earn some money, make a complaint so that the investigation is carried out.

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