The dawn of a new digital age

Technology is constantly changing, but to what extent can technology surprise us more each day and show us new realities that we had never imagined before?

With each passing day, new research and integration with biological science, can make everything we know as "technology" obsolete.

Intel has already partnered with ARM, a leader in the segment of processors for the mobile area, and it also has a research area focused only on the future market for quantum processors, still for use in experimental cases.

All of our current technology, such as computers, printers, could be part of a museum in the not-too-distant future, just as dial phones are today (and which at the time were very expensive and a desired item by many).

Nowadays, if it is not a collector's item, this is currently considered simply garbage.

Not to mention the countless pieces of equipment that were once considered essential and are now also disregarded by society in general.

Television has always been a common good, and people had 2 or more at home, one in each room, so they never miss that favorite show while other people watch other shows.

Currently, television has already been replaced by cell phones, internet, Youtube, Netflix, even digital television in various places, making the old tube television that is not for sale anywhere else completely obsolete (only technical assistance maybe, and models used).

People's lives are also undergoing a major transformation, especially in big cities, where people are living in smaller places each time, and they cannot carry things around.

Most Brazilians now live for rent, so there is no space to accumulate objects, making room for smaller, thinner, lighter items, among others.

All of this can still change radically, what we see now, will all be obsolete in a few years, money, cell phones, computers, going out and going to the mall (in the United States, this era of falling malls has already started) and many of these things simple, they will no longer be part of our daily lives.

We must always prepare for the future, or else we can be illiterate for the next generation.

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