Rumors of the new Windows 10 S, what will be different?

Microsoft will release a new version of Windows, aimed at the educational area, called Windows 10 S.

At the demonstration event, the new Windows promises to guarantee performance at all times, unlike previous versions of Windows that experience a drop in performance over time.

A lighter version, rumored to compete with Google's Chrome OS.

In addition, it is up to 2x faster than the traditional Windows 10 version, at boot time.

To achieve this, this system will only be able to download programs from the official store, and is apparently the successor to Windows RT, based for ARM-based devices, which no longer supported installing any programs.

However, it is possible to migrate from Windows 10 S to traditional Windows 10, if the person wants to install programs outside the store, then probably the system is not for the ARM platform, but for ordinary computing, as proposed.

In fact, schools that already have a license for Windows 10 PRO can upgrade to Windows 10 S for free, and be part of other educational programs offered by Microsoft.

As we see in the picture above, Windows 10 S will have a license cost of $ 189, but we don't have the information if it's just a system license or a complete PC.

Other benefits also offered with the new operating system are the free subscription to the game Minecraft, Office 365 (which includes Email, OneDrive, and desktop applications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint), and Microsoft Intune for education.´


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