Only 48.2% of internet users are HUMAN

Did you know that most users who use the internet, not all are human?

That's right, not all users who use the internet the most in the world are people, that is, many users on the sites are robots.

A survey by Incapsula Inc. shows that in 2016, within a survey period, only 48.2% of users were human, the rest, all robots, some of them benign, and others malignant!

Are we going to meet the internet robots?

See the company's infographic below, which clearly shows that 48.2% are human beings, 22.9% are benign robots and 28.9% are evil robots.

Among the evil robots are:

Those that disguise themselves as other people in order to circumvent security systems, and are generally used in DDoS attacks.

Robots that work by extracting unauthorized data from websites and applying reverse engineering.

They are those robots that fill the forums of all types of advertisements, messages, or chats from UOL for example with various empty information.

Hacker Tools
Pen-test tools and utilities to perform security scans. Generally used to find vulnerabilities and thus be able to carry out attacks, or injection of malicious software.

The infographic also shows that no matter how small your site is, it is also visible to bots as a large site, as the volume of robots is higher on small sites, by the proportion of users who access it.


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