We arrived in 2017, and computer futures

Finally, the year of 2017 has arrived, beautiful and full of hopes for this year to start over. In 2016, we saw a unique crisis, which even removed many IT professionals from their areas, seeing in some cases the radical change of profession to other areas in order to maintain income and livelihood.

In addition to the fiscal situations in the country, and the increase in the price of the dollar in 2015, which increased the price of computers and electronics, the PIS and Confins exemption for the computer sector will probably be revoked for 2017, that is, this reflects in higher prices for products we all love.

The recession is being catastrophic for the segment, says Hugo Valério, director of Abinee, Brazilian Association of the Electrical and Electronic Industry. "We lost a decade in terms of everything that was achieved in digital inclusion and computerization", commenting that we returned to the same production of 2008.

With regard to taxes, there is an article published on the Tudo Celular website, which specializes in reviews of all types of handsets, models, and articles only in this market segment, says that PIS and Confins taxes will continue to be exempted for yet another time. Check the article on this link: published on 12/28.

But we know that nothing is as it was before, everything is different in this market, at work, and with customers that are increasingly scarce, or else they ask for more and more challenging discounts for the services provided.

Everyone is saving, despite the high expectations for 2017, many people used their thirteenth salaries to pay their bills, loans, and learned this year to spend their money in a way only with elementary services.

If something broke, nothing to buy new, sales of used cars, used cell phones, just skyrocketed, and all new products just plummeted, including computers.

A lot of people in need of money, looking on the OLX or Mercado Livre website, we find products with really interesting prices, especially on products that are written "defect" or "showcase", nothing that screws, cleaning and a change of firmware does not solve the problem .

We hope to find, in 2017, a better time for all segments of the industry, with cutting-edge technology, with investments in the IT area, and the incentive for children with low income to have accessibility to have computers, and technological devices, and to allow the advancement of knowledge among all.

I also hope that many leave their Facebook accounts a little, after all, the Brazilian is the one who spends the most time on social networks, on the one hand it is good, but overdoing it is very bad. Some studies claim that social networks of this type can be considered as addictive as some drugs, and we currently even have clinics for this; to see where we are. Clinic to get rid of facebook, is really a calamity.

I see that this 2017, will not be another year of great highlights for companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Google, among others, they are already big, and very difficult for companies like this to have a bigger prominence, but perhaps of great evolutions for companies targeted market, such as YouTube channels, video content production, and applications of all kinds, such as Nubank, Uber, Digio, which are applications that break paradigms hitherto established.

I also see that the industry of faster CPUs, for the computational market, will be stagnant, always selling processors with only more cores, but without much computational power, but at least I know that the teams that develop processors for cell phones, these are actively looking to bring more processing power with the lowest possible electrical consumption.

If Intel does not take care, we will see cell phones faster than computers, which can replace a complete platform for all its tasks, as well as development, digital production, video, sound, and even systems (there are already Web servers running on ARM chips, with PHP and MySQL on Android / Linux system).

Another question that we should also think about, is information security? With so many risks being measured day after day, since 2014, it is also an item to think about, I just hope that this segment does not have investment cuts.


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