No more torrent, or want to put your security at risk?

You know very well, you have no choice, or you buy software, or you buy, or call for free, which by far do what you need. Although this is a motto, many people do not take it very seriously thinking about installing a parallel or pirated version without even thinking about security, privacy, in short, all these things.

But what nobody said to you clearly is that, what guarantees that this "pirate" software that you have installed, is not a beautiful software deceiving you nicely, and that it will not do any harm?

The craze for copying protected content, and using it without authorization, can create huge headaches, but nobody is ready and able to tell you the reality, because, be that computer technician who picks up the computer to format, which is there suffering to earn their money every day, none of them will ask to format a value of R $ 2000.00, as there is always one on the corner charging R $ 30.00. Better to take R $ 30, right?

That is where you are wrong, what is the cost of taking to format a computer on a person who may install software that you do not even know, what is the source of the operating system image you are going to install? Did it come from official sites or via torrent?

Then you tell me: "Ah, but torrent is safe!" - not my dear, everything that is free, has something behind it.

Your personal data that you have on Google costs an average of US $ 60 (R $ 240) per year, would you be willing to pay this amount? Well know, to keep your data in the cloud, your favorites, this would be the real cost, without Google taking your privacy to sell targeted ads.

Everything has a cost, wherever it goes, and, what is the guarantee that a good torrent site, and those VIP or "trusted" users are really reliable? What guarantee is there in this?

Currently hackers are not there to detonate your machine, to do things like in the past, to destroy your hardware, to detonate your memory, hard disk, no, no and no, quite the contrary, they even make your computer faster, lighter, let run any video, how about a beautiful Photoshop and running so you can work quietly? Of course, in return, in the idle period, your machine works like a condemned in coordinated DDoS attacks on the internet, helping networks to take down platforms like the Playstation Network.

And if your internet is 20 megs, 50 megs, or 100 megs, the better, the more the better, always, you will always find the best torrents to download, they are always there with countless comments from various users saying that it is good, approved, recommended the download, it worked and finally.

Currently there are so many ways to infect a machine forever, where there is a flash chip, be careful not to be flashed! The motherboard of a computer is simply filled with them, either in chipset, audio controller chip, USB, and even in the SATA controller or in that controller chip of the mechanical arm of the hard disk, which performs the analog readings of the magnetic signals of the disk.

The magnetic hard disk itself has an area called HPA (Host Protected Area), which is where information can be stored where it is not part of the common media area visible to the operating system, yes, a hard disk can be completely zeroed, formatted with zero fill 500 times, and the HPA is there with your content, and on top of that, you can have a password!

Do you know the password to access your hard drive's HPA? Not? Well, then I have news for you that downloads torrent or accesses improper sites, she must be very fat of data!

But this is almost like computer terrorism, how can all this happen? How will I download my Photoshop? Tip? Buy the monthly subscription, mainly for students, it is a trifle of $ 22 approximately, at least you will be completely safe and with the latest software version.

I don't want to pay anything to have software. Ok, we have alternatives, like Gimp, and many others that do their jobs. If you are not happy, would you rather run the risk of practically "losing" your machine to a "Mirai Botnet"?

What I come to reveal here, it can be a little scary, but surely, if you’ve heard so many news about cell phone security breaches, which are by far an extension of computers, you think your computer is totally free of viruses?

"But my anti-virus software is ..." - enough, let's not talk about anti-virus, one because 99.9% of the currently most devastating viruses that bring down huge websites, or that practice privacy traffic, or remote control of numerous machines currently at the same time, are not detected by anti-virus systems that run only on the top surface of software, which does nothing but consult a mere signature database and consult the executables of your machine and the memory-resident programs to rename the file, move to quarantine, or close the malicious application.

Many of the malicious programs that currently exist, are embedded within legitimate software, where even the MD5 hash is compatible, displaying "information integrity" ... don't trust MD5 hash. Researchers have already found ways to generate the same MD5 for different and similar content.

But my "Windows" is original, my "Android" is factory, my "iOS" is perfect ... No, not a thousand times, your system may be compromised. It is no use saying no. Recently, Lenovo notebooks were seen with security holes with software that came out of the factory.

Microsoft itself apparently already has a backdoor installed in its Windows versions, but nothing has been proven for sure, the company says it doesn't, but who guarantees?

There is no way to perfectly guarantee all these security steps after everything we see happening from 2014 onwards, countless SSL flaws, common programming errors, putting the whole world at risk of interception.

You just need to tell me that you use your wi-fi without a password, or worse, with WEP, which is by far the same thing to say. Never access open wi-fi, ever, but this is for another day.

I want to make it very clear, it costs nothing to buy a new machine, and watch over user accounts, passwords, avoid downloading attractive programs, be content with what you have, and be suspicious of what is free and easy, or promises to "speed up your machine with a click ", and anything like that.

Keep in mind, that most of the security flaws that exist today, despite software flaws, still, the vast majority of thefts, thefts, data extortion, or misuse of your equipment by third parties, who left it to you! With your click, your action.

Be wary of everything that is freeware too, of software that is free, because what guarantee does it have something behind it that is harmful?

For what reason you will want to know how many people saw your profile on facebook, instagram, orkut, hulu, xpto, xingling, etc ... it doesn't matter, curiosity, motivation, it is tactics to make you click, act, accept that the attacker has access to your life!

This message is an alert, so you can look for the right, in the right places. Do you want to download software, and you can't do without? Look for the official website of the manufacturer, see if you have a secure connection, with https: // at the beginning, and mainly, avoid download accelerators whenever possible, who guarantees that they will not modify the contents of the file?

Don't be fooled by bets that will make your machine just work for others, make your computer work just for you! After all, you are the one who pays the bill at the end of the month of electricity, the internet, and it is not easy to keep paying with a computer, cell phone, etc., everything is slow without working, isn't it?

This also works for cell phones, do not invent fashion to download programs outside official stores, even inside the store, you can be cool, see the manufacturer, supplier, download apps from reputable suppliers, do not trust apps that have 100% comments saying that it's good, it needed to download, etc. There is no perfect app anywhere, nothing can be 100%, there is always someone complaining, even if it's in color!

I doubt that your machine is not infected right now, including your smartphone, among others. No, this site is not doing anything with you, it is just a warning for you to be more careful going forward, keep in mind that if your computer is already infected, use 2-step verification in your accounts to make it safer, or use tokens, on separate devices, can assist, and will make sure that your account is never lost.

How much is your email data worth to you today? Lose your face contacts, email, all accounts, etc. But of course, you will only think about doing it the right way, the day this happens to you, then you will ask someone to format your pc or factory reset your cell phone (which is useless) ... first, throw it away and buy a new one!

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