Fearful, users cover up webcam and microphones

The use of the computer consciously is not enough to get rid of security flaws caused by software even considered safe.

Recently, the risk of espionage has affected executives from various areas and has seen the potential risk of having their equipment infected or invaded by security breaches recently discussed.

Every day, a new security breach appears on the internet, to the users' amazement and / or extra attention.

Some experts say that it is easy to access and easy to find software that does this job, both from accessing webcams from computers, smartphones and in some cases even CCTV systems.

Since passwords are weak, it is easy to access. Almost everyone leaves the password "123456" or similar in internal circus devices, thinking that no one will access it.

Some software recently able to spy on thousands of cameras around the world, all in general, has been released on the internet, without the user's consent, due to security breaches found in the most diverse installed software.

There is also evidence that the NSA itself is using spy software and sending videos to the security department in the United States, as well as using a microphone.

As if the use of computers was not enough, some experts say that there is also a security flaw in TV sets of the SmartTV type, where some of them support Skype, where they also have built-in microphones or even cameras for video calling through the application, and, all of these, without strong security, easy to access.

Even if you like to "appear", you would not want to be spied on, and that is why it is becoming fashionable in various places in the world, people using notebooks and even cell phones with the front camera covered.

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