World password day. Is yours weak? Really?

Do not tell me that your password is strong or weak, or that you need so many special characters, digits, etc., since there are passwords so much more important that you don't even follow this pattern: bank passwords.

For years we have used passwords that are just 4 or 6 digits only numeric in banks, and your account is hardly ever improperly accessed, and almost all websites and social networks require more complex passwords.

Also, in banks, there are other security controls that help control access, however, it should be said in passing that your main password is weak, definitely by any other system, preventing even you can use it.

In computing, we take into account that tests can be performed quickly on weak passwords, as long as you have an objective, a target, and a way to access and test multiple passwords at the same time.

Before that, what is worth mentioning is that a bank password, no matter how weak it is, no one is careless with this password, knowing that it is a high-cost "asset".

As much as you type your password into a payment terminal, you are always on the lookout for someone close by or put your own body to cover up the password, right?

Many passwords are currently obtained with social engineering, as this is the most agile way of gaining access to a given system, and with this, the first attempt to access a system is not with "brute force", but rather , a sure hit.

As much as people take care of their bank passwords, not revealing even to spouses, friends, close relatives, we would also have to treat any other type of password we have, especially browser passwords (which keep all other passwords, for example).

Obviously, banks use several other types of controls to guarantee the person's access, and on the other hand, no matter how complex a password is, an infected computer could get the password in the same way, due to the user's carelessness.

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