Rumors of the iPhone 7

The iPhone 6 barely appeared on the market and there are already signs of the new iPhone 7 to arrive, and the rumors are of great news about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The rumors are of innovative design, new touch-screen system with better precision, Touch ID (digital printing) on the screen with precision of 500 dpi and 360º angle, and camera with several lenses.

Touch ID technology on the home button has already appeared on the iPhone 5c, but now on the screen and at any angle you can unlock your iPhone.

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What will be the iPhone 7

Some Apple vendors report that Apple does not intend to use more 4-inch screens as 4.7-inch screens for the iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 6 Plus, meaning the iPhone 7 is expected to be a tablet or have your screen close to 5.5 to 7 inches.

Name of the new iPhone

The rumors are not yet defined exactly as it will be called, there are great chances of having the name iPhone 7, but others say it can be called iPhone Air to compose the Macbook Air line and the iPad Air lines. 

Apple seems to want to remove the "S" nomenclature from devices, passing only to have versions with the ending "C".

Launch Forecast

Rumors indicate that it will be September 8, 2015 for the launch of the new device, but there are also other signs of launch being delayed so as not to hinder the sale of the iPhone 6c and Apple Watch, Apple's wristwatch.

Screen with 3D feature without glasses

One supplier said Apple would be working on a screen project where it will be possible to view 3D elements without glasses, that is, natively with your own eyes.


They are working on a camera with a two-lens system, to help users capture images and videos with "DSLR" quality, and significant improvement for night shots (in low light).


The line of new devices has a new processor called A9, produced at 14 nm, being more efficient and more powerful than the current used in the iPhone 6, the 20 nm A8.

New Features: Joystick

It looks like the home button will become a new joystick for games. The patent signed below and published on January 15, 2015 confirms the idea of the functionality of the new button, which can be raised to work for games.

Force Technology

The feature detects the difference between a tap on the screen and a pressure. The feature is already present in the Apple Watch (which is important due to the size of the device).

Wireless charging

Also present on the Apple Watch, it allows you to recharge without using the cord, however due to its short distance, it is not possible to recharge in your pocket, you will have to leave it on a device to recharge the battery.

USB cable with reversible input

You can place your USB cable on the charger in any position without the risk of being on the opposite side, as it will always fit. The technique is simple: The USB cable connector has a firm connector in its central area that slightly adapts to the USB port on the charger and / or the computer.

Touch ID on the screen

Now the fingerprint reading will be performed on the screen. This was also patented, and only Apple will have the right to use it (until someone gets into the fight, of course).

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