Technological Revolution - Future Trends

Before, when we wanted to access some information, we were obliged to go personally to other physical places to have this information.

Physical contact was more present between people and it was difficult for someone to be suspicious of someone.

When it was time to popularize computers in Brazil, from mid 1995 to 1999, children of all ages wanted to spend hours and hours in front of computers, playing and exploring new activities, even without the internet.

You didn't hear about social media, but everyone wanted to have a website and show their friends that it was the one, this was the feat of the time, apart from computer games bought at newsstands, most of them based on CD- ROM, which worked by booting the computer.

How many days were there that my own computer as a child did not start Windows but inserted a game CD to at least use the computer, and, all without internet.

A few years ago, children played more on the streets, talked more with each other, and made appointments to meet in other places outside of school to do other activities. It was common to run into a child on the street.

Today, the scenario has totally changed, to the point of seeing children who don't even want to know about computers or cell phones without internet. They became lonely, and without the internet they even went into depression. They can't do without twitter, facebook, or whatever the social network is.

The great reality is that the Internet made the world small, very small, and the high speed and availability of connection, made users less and less connected to each other (seriously!).

You know that paradigm: If it's easy, don't you want to? The whole planet Earth in your hands, so what? This is the question that we have today, everyone is on the Internet, connected with the whole planet Earth, but the reality is that physically, they have isolated themselves from everyone.

Before, everyone accessed the Internet using nicknames, which is great for security, isn't it? Today everyone uses their own name and risks taking a case if they use a false name on the network. Nowadays it is so serious that a simple joke can take you to jail.

In Brazil, we see that in the interior cities, where a few years ago children played in parks, now abandoned; and young children dealing with touch phones better than adults.

Spending your precious childhood time stuck in your rooms and on Google to do that quick search to do your schoolwork in 5 minutes and have all the rest of the time to play online or watch the facebook timeline.

The tendency is for Brazil to be increasingly lonely, people increasingly apprehensive to meet other people, and the widespread use of social networks.

As in China, where the technological issue among people is well evolved, there are also people who offer themselves to the company in exchange for money, proving that the tendency of loneliness in a connected and available network drives people away instead of connecting them .

Nobody will go on facebook and say good morning to everyone who is online, one because not everyone is available to chat (and, we don't even know when they are), but if you meet someone at the bakery, your first reaction will be to say "good morning" .

The Internet, instead of connecting people, has in fact moved further away, and has brought loneliness in some countries. The speed and technologies make the planet Earth in your hands, but it ends up becoming small and exhaustible.

The tendency above this clue, is to be connected in such a way to the internet through things (Internet of Things or IoT), total loss of privacy, exhaust the resources of desire and attraction of people for one or certain items due to the lack of difficulty in access it and the difficulty in finding the ideal person for a relationship.

Everything that could make a human being happy today, is being sucked into time, ultra connectivity can make us other human beings in the future, I just don't expect that we will see computational resources for Artificial Intelligence systems.

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