The corruption of digital information

Freedom of expression is something that will probably remain in memory in a few years. The censorship and many articles on the internet this year in the middle of the cup, tell us that the right of reply and the desire for justice are being kept quiet and without anyone noticing, politicians are plugging our mouths, and also blocking websites, community posts on facebook, censoring photos of Neymar in the hospital without a tattoo (and, what quick recovery was that?), anyway, this is not a site of political or football speculation, but what can be ahead?

Censorship in e-mails, user data connections, are not random items. We have seen the case of the NSA for some time accused of secret investigation into data from servers all over the world, and a suspicious error in the SSL protocol, which prove that the Internet is in turn a totally unsafe environment and, we might even say , totally manipulated according to the interests of certain people.

The site was one of the sites that had some of their free notes for users of the service blocked by a court order at Microsoft's request, alleging the use of malware and adware by addresses. The site team was amazed that they never received such notification through their open channel with Microsoft, and they have all the systems for removing addresses of users who abuse the service. Overnight, the service stopped working.

If you have heard, there is a growing internet every day totally encrypted over the current internet, and, not limited to a single system, there are several of these networks everywhere but the Tor and i2p network is still more famous .

A website within these networks is not identifiable by an IP address, but by a node that relays the original information through several nodes, however each node can modify the message, encrypt and retransmit certain information, making it practically impossible to trace the origin x destination route. complete.

When accessing networks of this type, you allow a percentage of your own internet use to become a data exchange server on the network, in exchange you also browse within the encrypted resource, and your internet connection starts to only traffic encrypted packets to IP addresses diversified by the most diverse clients and nodes on the Internet, since now each client is also a data exchange server.

A group of researchers is studying a change in the IPv6 protocol, where it will address the removal of sequencing information from the TCP header. This will help to increase the speed of the internet as routers on the internet will now be able to maintain parts of the data, intercept and relay to their destinations.

Expanding this level to the worldwide network, perhaps soon we will have a phenomenon in which clients will only be able to connect to properly registered servers, and no longer freely to any machine anywhere, this would in fact be the only way to restrict the communication of these types network, which are based on the P2P protocol (peer to peer) or from people to people.

At the moment, this scenario is far from occurring, as firewall costs around the world are still very high, after all, all data traffic is intercepted, generates processing, and backbones work at high levels of data, at around 20 Gigabits per connection between countries on underwater or terrestrial cables.

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